A Cloudy but Educational Night

Despite the forecast for partly cloudy skies, we got overcast from sunset on!

We still had plenty of visitors, though and are always happy to share anything about astronomy that we can – even if we can’t show you anything at the time.

We had about 25 people filter in and out for a couple of hours and answered a lot of questions. We talked about telescope design and how they work, and how we change magnification with a telescope. We answered questions about what we look at – both in the Solar System and outside of it.

We love answering questions – especially when they help clarify common misconceptions. That’s why we come out to the park: to educate our visitors! If you’d like to learn some more about the hobby of amateur astronomy, check out or Astronomy Primer Guide.

We’ll have at least one more public stargazing event in October before winter sets in. We hope to see you there!