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Don’t Miss Eclipse 2017!

Mark your calendars – on Monday, August 21st a good swath of the US will be thrown into darkness during a total solar eclipse!

For those of us outside of theĀ path of totality we’ll have to suffice with a partial eclipse – how much depends on where you are. Here in central Minnesota we’ll get about 83% totality.

If you haven’t made plans to go somewhere that will have totality, you may be hard-pressed to find a hotel or campground near the path.

I could include loads of resources here to help you find out more about the eclipse but really, it’d be easier if you just Google 2017 eclipse – you’ll find lots of information. Also, if you get your hands on Astronomy Magazine‘s August 2017 issue there is an excellent section dedicated to the eclipse.

Some things you may want to search for: