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Below is what is called a “Clear Sky Chart”, or CSC for short. CSCs are invaluable tools in getting accurate weather conditions for a viewing site. There are CSCs for over 4,500 locations in North America.

Clicking on the chart will bring you to the Clear Dark Sky Web site where you can find detailed explanations about the information in the chart.

Clear Sky Chart for Glacial Lakes State Park, MN

Here is a quick run-down of the information, top down:

  • In a nutshell, in all of the rows (except for temperature), the closer to dark blue, the better for that category in terms of the quality of the skies for observing.
  • The Sky
    • Cloud Cover goes from white (overcast) to dark blue (clear).
    • Transparency goes from grey (poor) to dark blue (transparent). Transparency is based on the amount of water vapor measured in the air.
    • Seeing goes from grey (poor) to dark blue (best). This is a subjective measurement of how well objects can be seen at high magnification.
    • Darkness goes from white to orange to light blue to dark blue. There is a quantitative measurement associated with this called Limiting Magnitude, but explaining that pretty much goes beyond the scope of this site. Suffice to say white is the lightest sky (day time) to dark blue, which is the darkest sky.
  • The Ground
    • Wind goes from white (> 45mph) to dark blue (0 to 5 mph).
    • Humidity goes from dark blue (<25%) to green (60% to 65%) to dark red (95% to 100%).
    • Temperature goes from pink (<-40F) to blue (-21F to -12F) to white(23F to 32F) to red (86F to 95F) to grey (>113F).

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