Useful Links

Useful Links for Amateur Astronomy

Here are a variety of links for everything from star charts to buying telescopes to NASA missions.

Online Maps and Charts

Viewing Conditions

Observing and Planning Tools

Telescopes and Equipment

  • Orion – Telescope and equipment distributor
  • Celestron – Telescope and equipment distributor
  • Meade – Telescope and equipment distributor
  • Cloudy Nights – Telescope and equipment reviews by and for amateur astronomers

Other Helpful Sites for the Budding Astronomer

  • Glacial Lakes State Park – The host of our monthly star parties
  • Friends of Glacial Lakes State Park – This group is invaluable in its support for the park that hosts our star parties
  • Astronomy Clubs – There are a number of active astronomy clubs throughout Minnesota. Here is a link to find them
  • The Mythology of the Constellations – Learn about the stories behind the constellations and their names
  • Stars and Constellations – Highly detailed explanations and information about the stars and constellations
  • Astronomical Dictionary – Comprehensive astronomy-oriented dictionary
  • Earth and Sky – Astronomy site geared toward the beginner and intermediate level amateur astronomer
  • Star Date – Another Astronomy site for the beginner and intermediate amateur astronomers
  • Courtesy of Ms. Phillips’ group, this site is a great resource for the beginning astronomer, including links to astrophotography and live web cams of the northern lights and more
  • Astronomy Resource Guide and Review – A good resource as an overview of astronomy – Its history and future, famous people in astronomy, astronomy for kids, and a lot more
  • Backyard Astronomy Basics – This is a great page for those interested in astronomy and want to find out how to get started. Thanks, Ainsley!

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