A Little Bit About What Makes GLASS Tick

Glacial Lakes Astronomers and Stargazers Society consists of anyone who is interested in amateur astronomy. There are no dues, membership, officers, etc., nor is any equipment required.

Anyone is welcome to be involved in any GLASS event (with the exception of the occasional private event we may do for a particular group on request). The only thing you need is a desire to learn about the night sky and a willingness to share what knowledge you do have with others – that’s it. Simple, right? We like to keep it that way.

The main purpose of GLASS is to promote the knowledge of astronomy and to dispel the many myths and misunderstandings of the science of astronomy. (A common misconception: Astrology is NOT the same as Astronomy!) We accomplish this by providing regular public viewing events (known as star parties), and by request, doing public and private presentations to various groups such as school groups and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

You can view theĀ GLASS Charter and Mission Statement.

Bringing the night sky to Glenwood and surrounding communities since 2008

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